Mobility Portfolio

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  • Lehighton Contactless

    Model 1605M / AM

    A Contactless Measurement System as an alternative to Hall Mobility  Model 1605M is a manually operated system while...
  • Lehighton Contactless

    Model 1610E100M/1610E100AM

    Model 1610E100M is a Manual, Nondestructive, Mobility System with a 10.0KGauss Electromagnet. Model 1610E100AM LEI M...
  • Lehighton Contactless

    Model 1610E100AM-RP

    LEI Model 1610E100AM-RP is an Automated, Nondestructive, Mobility System with a 1 cassette Robot and a 10.0KGauss El...
  • Model 1616AM / 1618AM

    Model 1616AM / 1618AM The contactless, non-destructive alternative to Hall mobility Automated mapping and positionin...