Thank you for your interest in Lehighton Electronics Inc.'s contactless metrology equipment. We are happy to have the opportunity to demonstrate the accuracy and repeatability of our instruments

You may find our Return on Investment Calculator helpful so, please download and use LEI's ROI Calculator to see if an LEI instrument is right for you.
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The Application Analysis Form can be downloaded from the link below or filled out online here on this page.

Application Analysis Form

To enable us to better serve your measurement needs, please take a moment to download and complete our Application Analysis Form. We will review your form and reply with the best solution for your application based on the data you provide.

Sample Testing Form

LEI offers sample testing. In order to provide meaningful data and fast turnaround, please do the following before shipping any samples to us for testing:

  • Download and complete a Sample Testing Form and fax or email it to LEI BEFORE mailing your samples. This will ensure that your samples are compatible with our equipment, and will help us to process them properly.
  • Make sure to include any relevant MSDS sheets. Internal procedures prevent us from beginning any testing until we have the proper MSDS sheets.
  • Be sure that any layers you would like us to measure with our eddy current instrument are at least 10x more conductive than the substrate on which they were grown/deposited.
  • Understand that the most resistive reference material available for calibrations of our measurement instruments is approx. 3000 ohms/square. If your sample(s) to be measured is/are higher than this, please include a wafer with a known sheet resistance for calibration purposes.
    • Note: it is possible to measure samples with higher resistance, but the accuracy and repeatability will be affected above 3,000 Ohms/square.

Thank you again for your interest and for taking the time to complete these forms; they will enable to best assist you.

Application Analysis Form

PLEASE NOTE:  All information provided will be considered confidential and not disclosed to outside parties.

Area of Measurement Interest (check all that apply)

Purpose of Measurement

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* Accuracy and linearity are the same.