Aixtron Application Papers

The role of AlN and GaN nucleation layers on the performance of doped and undoped nitride HEMT structures grown by MOCVD
by A. Alam, B. Schineller, M. Heuken and H. Juergensen, H. Hardtdegen, M. Marso, N. Nastase, H. Bay, P. Kordos, and H. Lüth

7x6 inch MOCVD system for the productionof VCSEL, HBT, HEMT
by J. Hofeldt, B. Schineller, M. Heuken

7x6 inch multi wafer Planetary Reactor® for the HBT and p-HEMT mass productions
by Kai Christiansen, Jochen Hofeldt, Martin Dauelsberg, Michael Volk, Michael Heuken, Holger Jüergensen

7x6 inch Multi Wafer Planetary Reactor® as used for P-HEMT and HBT Applications
by Jochen Hofeldt,, Thomas Schmitt, Martin Dauelsberg, Michael Volk, Michael Heuken, Holger Jüergense

MOCVD technology in research, development and mass production
by H. Juergensen

LEI References in Technical Papers

Sheet Resistance Mapping for GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Using Lehighton Electronics LEI-1510 Instrument
by Thomas Gessmann and E. Fred Schubert

Applications of Contactless Sheet Resistance Probes to Achieve Cost Savings
by Austin Blew, President, Lehighton Electronics, Inc.

MOCVD AlGaN/GaN HFET's Material Optimization and Devices Characterization
by Alexander Demchuk, Don Olson, Dan Olson, Minseub Shin, and Gordon Munns of APA Optics, Inc.

AlGaN/GaN HFETs fabricated on 100-mm GaN on silicon (1 11) substrates
by J.D.Brown , Ric Borges,Edwin Piner,Andrei Vescan,Sameer Singhal, Robert Therrien

Commercial Production of Large Diameter InP-HBT Epiwafers by MBE
by D. I. Lubyshev, K. Teker, O. Malis, Y. Wu, J. M. Fastenau, X.-M. Fang, C. Doss, A. B. Cornfeld, and W. K. Liu

Volume Epitaxial Growth of Enhanced Mode HIGFETs using Minimal Material Characterization and Rapid Inline Processing to Minimize Risk
by Michael Pelczynski, Mark Rittgers, Bob Duffin, Celicia Della-Morrow, Mikhail Mikhov

Application of IVS Overlay Measurement to Wafer Deformation Characterization Study
by Ying Liu and Ian Black

Improvement of Substrate Related Uniformity of AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafers on 3"; Sapphire and SiC Substrates Grown by Multi-charged Large MOVPE Reactor
by Takeshi Tanaka, Yoshiharu Koji , Takeshi Meguro, and Yohei Otoki

Conference Presentation

Transition of SiC MESFET Technology from Discrete Transistors to High  Performance MMIC Technology
by J.W. Milligan, J. Henning, S.T. Allen, A.Ward, P. Parikh, R.P. Smith, A. Saxler, Y. Wu, and J. Palmour

Migration Enhanced Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of  AlN/GaN/InN based heterostructures
by Qhalid Fareed, Remis Gaska, Juras Mickevicius, Gintautas Tamulaitis, Michael S. Shur, M. Asif Khan

NIT-Epitec GaN FET Project
contact Toshimasa Suzuki

Probes for Monitoring Low Dose Silicon Ion Implants for Process Yield Enhancement

by Daniel H. Rosenblatt, Samsung Microwave Semiconductor

Correlation of Materials Characteristics with Microwave Device
by R. L. Messham, H. G. Henry, G. Augustine, M. F. MacMillan, I. Ferguson, D. Gotthold, D. Thomson , R. Davis , G. C. DeSalvo and J. J. Zingaro

III-Nitride Epitaxial Material on Large Diameter Semi-Insulating SiC Substrates for High-Power RF Transistors
by Adam W. Saxler, Edward L. Hutchins, Jason Jenny, and Austin Blew

Novel III- Nitride HEMTs
by Professor Kei May Lau

In 0.75 Ga 0.25As channel layers with record mobility exceeding 12,000 cm2/Vs for use in high-j dielectric NMOSFETs
by Ravi Droopad, Karthik Rajagopalan, Jonathan Abrokwah, Michael Canonico, Matthias Passlack

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