What people are saying about Lehighton

Kevin Vargason

VP Operations, IntelliEpi
It’s a very useful tool when it comes to cross-calibration correlating. We’re able to make our tool match—exactly—what our customers are measuring on incoming product. (2011)
Any GaAs epi house would benefit from possessing the Lehighton system. We at TriQuint wouldn't part with ours. We estimate we save a minimum of $250K per year by having the Lehighton systems. (1995)

Dr. Martin (Marty) Brophy

Manager, Senior Process Engineer for Wafers/Implant/Anneal, Triquint

Dr. Frank Lu

MOCVD Expert
The Lehighton 1510 is a reliable and easy to operate model. Our process engineers constantly use this tool for optimizing EPI growth uniformity of uGaN, nGaN, pGaN and LED. The mapping feature gives the user a clear view of resistivity distribution across the wafer. It is a truly great tool to use! (2013)
GCS is using this tool for TFR (thin film resistor) measurement. Any III-V compound semiconductor FAB would benefit from possessing the Lehighton system. (2013)

Minkar Chen

Sr. Director of manufacturing engineering, Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC.

Dr. Martin (Marty) Brophy

Manager, GaAs HBT Process Development, Avago
The 1510 is an essential tool for any EPI grower. Give my email to anyone who wants to ask about the tool and I will talk to them. (2011)
The tool is very useful. We have used for 8 years and it is very stable. Feel free to use me as a reference. (2011)

Mr. Te Lee Huang

Associate VP, EpiLEDS Technologies


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