Lehighton is a true pioneer in the

design and development of

contactless metrology instrumentation.

"Lehighton Maps - That's Us!"

Semilab LEI (previously Lehighton Electronics) provides non-contact, non-destructive, in-process and post-process measurement and mapping of sheet resistance and carrier mobility of semiconducting and conducting layers and thin films on semiconducting and insulation substrates, enabling manufacturers to meet tight specifications in the most demanding applications, and minimize manufacturing cost by maximizing process yield and efficiency.


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Check out the new LEI 3200 CONTACTLESS SERIES
Sheet Resistance, Carrier Concentration & Mobility All In One.

Lehighton Electronics is the ONLY company in the world to provide a non-destructive system that measures critical transport and electrical properties of compound semiconductor device manufacturers.

Lehighton is synonymous with Highly Reliable!